I am a great fan of the heikin ashi tradebars, as they are very suitable for my style and speed of trading.
Right now I am a bit puzzled on how to get the "Volume" in a Heikin Ashi Tradebar, so I can also use indicators on them that require (a tradebar and) a volume input.
for demonstration I tried two indicators (Williams % R and Mfi) with the Heikin Ashi tradebar and Williams % R worked fine, but Mfi (in the absence of a volume value produced only "0").

heikinAshi.Updated += (sender, consolidated) =>
if (heikinAshi.IsReady)
var tradeBar = new TradeBar(heikinAshi.Current.EndTime, _symbol, heikinAshi.Open, heikinAshi.High, heikinAshi.Low, heikinAshi.Close, 0);

my guess would be to replace the "0" with the volume from a "classic tradebar, but somehow I dont really know how to do that.
data[_symbol].Volume doesnt work.

Any ideas or suggestions  to help me out here?