I have coded an example strategy that uses the following concepts:

*   rolling window of type tradebar.

*  consolidated 15 min bar from 1min data.

*  Bolingerband indicator of timeframe consolidated

Error: cannot compare tradebar to decimal with operator >

Is there a required way to compare the decimal components of the tradebar to the decimal price?  I tried to pull the components out of the BB to create windows as well but I am missing something.

 RollingWindow<TradeBar> _datawindow = new RollingWindow<TradeBar>(Hist);
        RollingWindow<BollingerBandState> _bbwindow = new RollingWindow<BollingerBandState>(Hist);
        RollingWindow<decimal> _bbupperwindow = new RollingWindow<decimal>(Hist);
        RollingWindow<decimal> _bblowerwindow = new RollingWindow<decimal>(Hist);




if ( _datawindow[0].Close < _bbupperwindow[0]  && _datawindow[1] > _bbupperwindow[1] && !Portfolio.HoldStock)