How do i test a C# Algorithm locally from Visual Studio?

I understand we can test the algorithm by createing a new unit test inside the project QuantConnect.Tests.  However i set a breakpoint on any of the existsing test and it doesn't seem to break.  Can some one please provide a sample unit test they have written to test their algorithm locally.

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Found the solution to my problem.  You must either install the NUnit VSAdapter vsix extension, or add the adapter as nuget package to your solution. The latest version is the 2.0, and the vsix is available here: And the nuget package can be found here:

I was able to successfully debug the alogrithm locally from the unit tests after installing the NUnit test adapter.


It's certainly possible to run an algorithm as a unit test and there are regression tests that do this. However, I think most people edit their config.json in the Launcher project, set this as the startup project and hit F5.

There's lot's going on in the config.json but the main things you need are near the top:

"environment": "backtesting",

// algorithm class selector
"algorithm-type-name": "ClassNameOfYourAlgorithm",

// Algorithm language selector - options CSharp, FSharp, VisualBasic, Python, Java
"algorithm-language": "CSharp",

//Physical DLL location
"algorithm-location": "Path\NameOfYourAlgorithmLibrary.dll"

It's also possible to automate multiple parallel backtests if you ever feel the need, but this is all you need to do to run a backtest manually.



Thank you James.


Update Backtest


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