Live-Trading plan.

Hello everyone, I'd like to have a bit of a discussion about how people are using their QC algorithms for actual profit.

Specifically I'd like to have some answers from anyone who has experience using QuantConnect with live trading (real money).

1. What is your criteria for your algorithm, which deems it usable for live trading? (example: It has a sharpe of 2 & max drawdown 10% over 5 years of data)

2. When it is live trading, what unexpected problems might occur that didn't happen in backtesting?

3. In general please let me know your plan. Here is my rough example plan: find an algorithm with a "decent profit" which works over 3 years of data and across "3 different forex majors" (I haven't decided which). The optimize the parameters (Work in progress) and then deploy and use real money. After this, work on other algorithms and simply replace it when I have something better. Repeat. 

Let me know you actual real world plans please, I'm looking for advice from people who are making money from their algorithms. Thanks!

Update Backtest

Update Backtest


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