I have been working with Lean on Visual Studio for the past month or so, but this is my first post to the forum.

I am attempting to use the ADX, DI+ and DI- indicator.  The ADX appears to be within about .01 to .015 of what I would expect. ADX(14) for calculates to 32.41782 in Lean on Visual Studio.  I am getting 32.4293 on another platform using historical data for AIG 10/7/2013 @12:40am.  This is close enough.  

DI+ and DI- are off a lot.  On Lean DI+ = 4.354618, on other platform DI+ = 14.0000.  On Lean DI- = 9.865231, on other platform DI- = 34.0000.

Any ideas?

thank you,