Hello Admins,

I have Demo accounts from FXCM on both TradeStation and MT4. These are the fields that config.json is referring.
"fxcm-server": ,
  "fxcm-terminal": , //Real or Demo
  "fxcm-user-name": ,
  "fxcm-password": ,
  "fxcm-account-id": ,
I am not sure which goes where. Currently http://www.fxcorporate.com/Hosts.jsp is given in server field. 
With having this as server and demo credentials i got from registration, I am getting the error as in attached image. I tried all combinations and nothing worked for me. I also contacted FXCM, and support guy was saying the information i have is enough for connecting to their server. But its not the case i see. He suggested me to check with community here. I hope i get some insights. Thanks