Are there any limitations to using VisualStudio as ones development environment instead of the online IDE?  Do these limitations affect the "free account" vs the "subscription account" differently? 

I would like to be to do all development, backtesting and live trading in VisualStudio on my own server without losing any access to data or algorithmic functionality whether I am using the free account or the paid account.  Is this possible?  

My understanding is that LEAN is the open source code behind QuantConnect that one loads into VisualStudio in lieu of using the online IDE.  Can an account token (free or paid) allow one to access the historical data sources and/or trade live in a brokerage account from within the VisualStudio IDE? 

My issue is that the online IDE is not sufficiently ergonomic to meet my needs.  I have keyboarding issues as well as visual impairment that makes my custom configuration of the VisualStudio IDE a near necessity.

Thank you in advance for your advice and for all of the work you have invested into this wonderful project.  I'll be signing up for a subscription even if I can't use VisualStudio as my primary tool.