Hi all.

I am trying to run the very basic BasicTemplateAlgorithm provided in the QC github. It works all fine when I run it in backtesting mode, but when I switch to live-paper it crashes. I originally got the following error after switching to "live-paper":

"ERROR:: Engine.Main(): Error running algorithm: QuantConnect.Queues.LiveDataQueue has not implemented live data."

I fixed this by setting:


in my config.json. I now get a new error though when running the algo. It is:

Algorithm.Initialize() Error: Cannot create an instance of type 'QuantConnect.Brokerages.InteractiveBrokers.InteractiveBrokersBrokerage' because a constructor could not be selected for construction. Ensure that the type either has a default constructor, or a single constructor marked with the 'System.ComponentModel.Composition.ImportingConstructorAttribute'.

I can't find anyone discussing this error or how to fix it in this context. Thoughts?