Possible to have OnTick event with specified resolution bars?

Still relatively new to trading and QC, so please excuse me if I am off a bit.

When manually trading in another platform, I can look at indicators in M30, H1, H4, D1, etc, but each TICK comes in, enabling me to base decisions on a tick-by-tick basis against H4 bars, right? 

However, in QC it seems that OnData() and MyCustomConsolidatorHandler() only come at the respective timeframe. Is there an OnTick() event handler or equivalent? Can I get updated bars for the specified timeframe on each tick?

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If you add tick data using something like self.AddEquity(Symbol, Resolution.Tick), then you can make decisions on tick data within the OnData() method. And when making those decisions, you can access indicator values on the other time frames using techniques laid out here:

Or, did I miss something in your question?


Initial read seems like what I am asking for, yeah! I'll dig a little more to wrap my head around it. Thanks!


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