[Live Trading Help + Coding Improvements] Advice on getting this code to be running live.

Hi Everyone,

I reach out to the community to help me with a few things:

  • Helping me get my Algorithm Live.
  • Debugging Concerning Warning
  • Updating code to reduce fees on GDAX
  • General improvements 



I'm having a hard time getting my algorithm to run in live but it works fine when doing backtesting.

I get this error:

IOError : (10, 'No child processes')

Has anyone seen this error? Is there something that I'm missing?



I'm getting this error when I run this in the console:

108 | 13:04:01:
Launching analysis for 525a47a5a22e6857fecc10721e37ef50 with LEAN Engine v2.
109 | 13:04:01:
Backtest Handled Error: Warning: Due to brokerage limitations, orders will be rounded to the nearest lot size of 0.00000001
110 | 13:04:02:
Backtest deployed in 14.289 seconds

Is there any advice on removing this error.



I was able to do limit buys succcessfully, but when I try to do a limit sell it fails. Can someone help me tweak the algorithm so that I don't get eatten up by fees.



This algorithm is pretty easy, just a simple EMA12 and EMA26. I would love to chat with an expert on implement more complex and accurate algorithms.


Thanks so much



Update Backtest

Here a more updated run with a larger window.

Still running into the same issues on live.


Hi, if you have a bug you can best tell support. Looks like this is one. The rounding is done by the GDAX and maybe round off. What I hear from people around me is that the bitcoin brokers are sometimes not reachable due to many trades. Take care.


Thanks so much for that advice. I didn't know that the support button would help me debug code.


Update Backtest


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