Unable to Find Algorithm Memory Leak


I'm looking for assistance improving efficiency and/or finding the memory leak in this algorithm. Note the `RAM` in the chart below is consistently trending upward with major spikes at various times. 

The algorithm itself is a relatively simple long-only strategy that buys at potential market bottoms. It uses `sklearn` to fit a Gaussian Mixture, then `scipy.stats` to sample from a distribution. The only thing saved between runs is the buy list which is a `np.ndarray`. The algo is scheduled to run twice weekly, resolution is hourly, history is `252*6.5` hours. 

Thanks guys.

Update Backtest

Here is a backtest with some changes I made to get you started on optimizing. 

I think part of the linear trend is the accumulation of rolling metrics, orders, trades, and more. I imagine Lean has to do some heavy lifting to offer us all the info provided in Overview, Trades, etc.

I switched to list comprehension on the main compute code, instead of the existing for loop, using something like:
results = [eat(cheese) for cheese in wheel if cheese.owner == 'Me'] #yummy

I traded a bit of ram for some cpu. The large, redundant use of History was slowing things down a bit and would be hard to accomplish in live without a timeout or delay. I switched this to a dictionary of length limited DataFrames to reduce how much history needs to be requested at each rebalanced. I also think you can increase speed by adjusting your hyperparameters such as tol, max_iter, and n_itit to limit time spent waiting for each model's loss to converge or for the training to give up.

I added an elapsed time tracker to the chart to ensure things are not blowing up there. The original algo had times between 0 and 20, averaging over 10+ sec. I also switched the plotting of ram to occur every day just in case some kind of post compute memory use was inflating the Ram chart.


Update Backtest


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