Its really exciting and we're so close to getting live trading going :)! Gustavo and I have been furiously coding for months. It is quite sophisticated engineering to make live trading scale to thousands. QuantConnect's journey started with private live algorithms on a desktop in 2010, before we ported our backtesting platform to the web, and now will be coming full circle to offer live on our web platform.

The live trading system accepts any data source -- just like our backtesting. So you can hook up a REST API to your live algorithm, and issue orders to generic endpoints -- how cool is that?? We finally got charting working yesterday, streaming live asset data to the browser, with full custom charting. Because it was Saturday and the US-market was closed we hacked together a bitcoin algorithm, connecting to a bitcoin data API, and sending bitcoin orders with bitcoin charting. Awesome?!

I know its taken much longer than we planned, and I appreciate all your patience. We've done it with almost no resources and just 2 people working 16 hours a day, 7 days a week for 10 months. It will be worth the wait and we expect it to be publicly available by the end of October. In the meantime we'll be running it with a few beta volunteers who understand there are likely to be bugs!

If you're interested in beta testing, please send me your info and the project name of the algorithm you'd like to run. We'd like to start with just five highly active people and work very closely with them to make sure we haven't missed anything.

And finally, best of all - if you're connected through our partners - live trading will be free! :) Each live algorithm gets a dedicated server located in NYC, and live tick by tick market data.

We're proud to be launching the next evolution in QuantConnect, a beautiful, powerful live trading platform, and eternally grateful to you, our base of loyal fans who keep us going.


Jared & Gustavo.