Because there is no pivot point indicator in LEAN, I have to calculate myself pivot points in my strategy.  A pivot point is simply the average of the high, low and closing prices from the previous trading day.  But also with another PP calclation is to use open price from the previous day in addition.  So I need to get OHCL prices from previous day.

First, I used History method:

history = self.History(self.pair, 1, Resolution.Daily) o = history['open'] h = history['high'] l = history['low'] c = history['close']

but I got error that 'open' key does not exist.   Does History method deliver only close prices?

I used then SetWarmUp methos:

self.SetWarmUp(timedelta(1)) # Warm up 1 day of data

This works fine.  However, when starting paper backtesting, I have to wait for one day for feeding previous day data.

Is there any other way to get previous day OHCL prices without warming up and waiting for one day to pass in paper and live backtesting?

Thanks for your help