F# coders

Hi everybody,

is there any F# coder willing to share a toy strategy, to give hints on how to start? 


Thanks in advance

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Interesting, you are the first F# coder in my live :-). I learned C# next to C++/C/Pascal/Fortran/Assembly. I liked C# over C++ as you do not have to worry about the technical aspects like clearing pointers. I do not not what the future will bring for F#. It is very promising as open source, but Python as programming language is also very desired.


Hi Quant Trader,

I have found some code in F# to start with. It adopts an object oriented approach, but I think we are forced to wrap our code into those objects to adhere to the API>

I am starting out with F# for the clarity and succintness of the code; it is not a matter of syntax, though, but rather of how to approach the problem. You can definitely F# in an OO fashion, but I would not reccomend it (no need to switch from the excellent C#); on the other hand, if you are curious about functional programming, give it a go. I found it refreshing and it is how I represented things myself in my mind. 


Happy coding, anyway; cheers


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