Hi,  Could someone assist me with the code snippet to get the exact date/time a trade was placed?  I would like to use that to do an interval TimeSpan to close the trade after a # of days.  I have attached a code snippet of how I'm starting to work on it, but I need to replace random date with actual Trade Time in the Code with essentially the initial trade time I am using.  Any help is always appreciated it, I keep getting closer to having my first algo completed.  Thanks!


using System; class Program { static void Main() { string tradeDate = "02-06-2018"; // Instead of 2/6/18 I need the trade date/time here DateTime startDate = DateTime.Parse(tradeDate); DateTime now = DateTime.Now; TimeSpan elapsed = now.Subtract(startDate); double daysAgo = elapsed.TotalDays; Console.WriteLine("{0} was {1} days ago", tradeDate, daysAgo.ToString("0")); } }