Trailing Stop Loss

I'm already aware of how to impliment a stop loss in Quanconnect. But i'd like a better way to impliment a trailing stop loss. 

One way I did it, which I don't prefer is having a function that counts the number of days a security is in my holdings and then using that number to decide how many days to look back in history I want to check to compare if the price has dropped x % less than the maximum price in history. 


For example:


The fucntion below keeps track of number of days in portfolio.

def position_check(self):
        for stock in self.symbols:
            shares_held = float(self.Portfolio[stock].Quantity)
            if shares_held:


The funtion below checks to see if the current price is x % less than the price since I bought the security:


def stop_loss(self,stock):
        hist = self.History([stock],self.days_in_portfolio[stock],Resolution.Daily)
        curr_price = float(self.Portfolio[stock].Price)
        if 'close' not in hist:
            return 0
        prev_max =hist['close'].max()

trail_stop= ((curr_price - prev_max) /prev_max) <= -self.stop_loss_value

return trail_stop


Thanks for any help in advance. :)

Update Backtest

Maybe something like:

def Initialize(self):

self.max_loss_frac = 0.03
self.asset_best_price = {}

def OnData(self, data):

# risk managment to limit per position loss to n%
map(self.RiskManagement, self.universe)

def RiskManagement(self, symbol):
if self.Portfolio[symbol].HoldStock:

# init the avg price as our current best price for the asset
if symbol not in self.asset_best_price:
self.asset_best_price[symbol] = float(self.Portfolio[symbol].AveragePrice)

# For long positions
if self.Portfolio[symbol].Quantity > 0:
# update best price
self.asset_best_price[symbol] = np.maximum(self.asset_best_price[symbol], float(self.Securities[symbol].Price))
# have we exceeded the target limits?
if (float(self.Securities[symbol].Price)-self.asset_best_price[symbol])/self.asset_best_price[symbol] < -self.max_loss_frac:
# cover the position
self.Log("RM Exit of Long pos: %s"%symbol)
self.Liquidate(symbol, tag="RM Long Cover")
del self.asset_best_price[symbol]

# For Short positions
elif self.Portfolio[symbol].Quantity < 0:
# update best price
self.asset_best_price[symbol] = np.minimum(self.asset_best_price[symbol], float(self.Securities[symbol].Price))
# have we exceeded the target limits?
if (float(self.Securities[symbol].Price)-self.asset_best_price[symbol])/self.asset_best_price[symbol] > self.max_loss_frac:
# cover the position
self.Log("RM Exit of Short pos: %s"%symbol)
self.Liquidate(symbol, tag="RM Short Cover")
del self.asset_best_price[symbol]

Thanks :). I think this is probably something that I should submit a feature request for as I bet many community members want trailing stop orders as a built in order type. 


Update Backtest


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