Take Profit and Stop Loss - StopMarketOrder


I need some help understanding what is happening in this case:

//First I place the buy market order


//Then I set a Take Profit (Sell) at 50 pips above the current price

var takeProfit = StopMarketOrder("USDJPY", -10000, data["USDJPY"].Close * 1.005m);

//Then I set a Stop Loss (Sell) at 25 pips below the current price

var stopLoss = StopMarketOrder("USDJPY", -10000, data["USDJPY"].Close * .9975m);

When I run this, in the Trades tab of the output there is ofcourse a "Filled" market order for 10000 but also two "Filled" StopMarketOrders for -10000 in the same minute. This happens everytime the first order is placed. It is immediately followed by two filled StopMarketOrders

So what does "filled" mean in this case? Does it mean that both the prices got hit? If so, how it that possible? Am I counting the pips wrong?


Update Backtest

Update Backtest


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