Need help with loading historical data

So I am new to quantconnect and python and have been going through some samples to load historical data. I am running into issue while reading the time column from dataframe. Here is my code

df = qb.History(5)
print df

print df["close"] # This works

print df["time] # This does not work

Based on the output from printing the df it seems 'symbol' and 'time' column are not on the first line but second while the rest of the columns close, high, low, open, volume are on first line. How can I resolve this issue?

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Hi Gurdeep,

There are a few time series like open, close, high, low associated with each symbol. Therefore, we use multi-index in history data request. When you use qb.History(5), the return will be a multi-indexed python dataframe. The first level of the index is the symbol. The second level is the timestamp. While the column of the dataframe is only one level (open, high, low and so on). 

You could use the symbol to get a dataframe

df = qb.History(5)
df1 = df.loc["AAPL"] # dataframe indexed by timestamp
df1.index # print the time index


Very helpful. However I am still unable to access data

df = qb.History(5, Resolution.Daily)
ibmDF = df.loc["IBM"] # Works
ibmIndex = ibmDF.index.values #Works

ibmIndex #Works

ibmIndex[0] #Works

ibmDF[ibmIndex[0]] # Does not work

What am I missing.



This worked. Thanks again!


Update Backtest


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