Semi-automatic strategy - question

Dear Community,

I have a manual strategy, I would like to automate only one rule - the exit (super simple, if bar closes below moving average, then sell the position).

I am very new to quant world - is my request even possible? (i.e. to automate only one piece of strategy)

thank you very much in advance


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Please check the official answer from Jared in this thread/post:



I think you can do it. When your exit rule is true, set your stock postion to zero with self.SetHoldings(stock, 0). It does not require to enter previously a position with the algo.


hm the problem is that if you trade manually in IB or something different, lets say with two users the same account, it will shutdown the automated strategy because it will see the trading /orders which were not initiated from the programm/strategy itself.

like you would drive a self driving car....only one is the driver

hopefully i understand your question correctly.

and yes turning it on after trading and going to bed would work


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