How many stocks do I hold

My model only holds a subset of the symbols I track.  What is the best way to count the number of symbols currently held? Is there a count function, can I loop through self.Portfolio, or must I loop through all symbols tracked?  I've tried several things but the only thing that works is looping through all symbols tracked but I think there must be a better way.  Thanks for any help.

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Hi Hugh,

To iterate all the stocks in the portfolio, you could use

for kvp in self.Portfolio:
    security_holding = kvp.Value
    symbol = security_holding.Symbol.Value
# Quantity of the security held
    quantity = security_holding.Quantity
# Average price of the security holdings
    price = security_holding.AveragePrice

Or you can get the symbol list invested first

invested = [x.Key for x in self.Portfolio if x.Value.Invested]

Then loop the "invested" to get the properties

for symbol in invested:
    security_holding = self.Portfolio[symbol]
    quantity = security_holding.Quantity
    price = security_holding.AveragePrice

Jing Wu - Thanks, you're the best.   You gave me several options that should work.  Really appreciate it.


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