Market On Open orders not filling until end of backtest day?

Do Market On Open orders not fill in the backtester until the end of the trading day?  I am testing around with them, and in my function that runs before 16 min before the close, self.Portfolio['SPY'].Quantity is zero, even though in the Trades tab I can see that my Market On Open against 'SPY' order got filled that day.  However, I am logging order update messages, and all of my fill messages corresponding to my Market On Open order are logged with a timestamp after market close (which I guess matches up with me not seeing any quantity in my SPY position).

Update Backtest

In case anyone else has this issue, I want to post the response I got from support which fixed the issue.  Thank you to Jing Wu !  The crux of the issue was that I was subscribing to daily data, whereas I should have been subscribing to data on a more granular frequency.

"In order to fire the intraday event like "x minutes after the market open" or "every x minutes", you should request the intraday data when you add the asset, otherwise there is no price data to fill the order intraday.

self.AddEquity(instrument, Resolution.Minute)"


Update Backtest


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