IRegressionAlgorithmDefinition causing build error


I am new to QuantConnect. While learning using examples from Quantconnect.Algorithm.CSharp, I encounter a build error on any algorithm that uses IRegressionAlgorithmDefinition. For example,

Build Error: File: LimitFillReqressionAlgorithm.cs Line:30 Column:61 - The type or namespace name 'IRegressionAlgorithmDefinition' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?

I don't get this error in VS though.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks,


Update Backtest

The IRegressionAlgorithmDefinition is a regression test. This means that it is software testing that ensures that previously developed and tested software still performs the same way after it is changed or interfaced with other software. In our case this is confirming the same results between Python and C#. This is not actually needed in algorithm development, which is why it is not running in the Lab. 

There are great resources at QuantConnect to learn more about LEAN. The BootCamp is one way to get started with the platform and there are also tutorials regarding the API, Financial Python, etc. If the focus is towards learning more about creating strategieis the bottom link shows a strategy library that goes into each strategy in great detail.

Many thanks Gurumeher for your reply.


Update Backtest


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