Hi all,

I have been working on an implementation of a local live deployment with Interactive Brokers, and I would like to use the desktop GUI.

After a couple manipulations in config.json, I got the GUI to popup when launching my algorithm, and I see logs appearing at the bottom. However, unfortunately, the rest of the window is empty, like so:



As I wanted to use live data from IEX rather than a data stream from IB, I created my own environment in the config file. The important aspects were to name the environment so that it ends with "-desktop" (which is necessary to spawn the GUI. This could benefit from being better documented however). Then, it was necessary to change the messaging handler to StreamingMessageHandler, else the logs would not appear in the GUI ant it would stay empty. I also added the lines "desktop-http-port" and "desktop-exe". Finally, I did a first implementation of IHistoryProvider in IEXDataQueueHandler, to be able to use IEX as my history provider.

// defines the 'live-interactive-iex-desktop' environment
"live-interactive-iex-desktop": {
"live-mode": true,
"send-via-api": true,

// real brokerage implementations require the BrokerageTransactionHandler
"live-mode-brokerage": "InteractiveBrokersBrokerage",
"setup-handler": "QuantConnect.Lean.Engine.Setup.BrokerageSetupHandler",
"result-handler": "QuantConnect.Lean.Engine.Results.LiveTradingResultHandler",
"data-feed-handler": "QuantConnect.Lean.Engine.DataFeeds.LiveTradingDataFeed",
"data-queue-handler": "QuantConnect.ToolBox.IEX.IEXDataQueueHandler",
"real-time-handler": "QuantConnect.Lean.Engine.RealTime.LiveTradingRealTimeHandler",
"transaction-handler": "QuantConnect.Lean.Engine.TransactionHandlers.BrokerageTransactionHandler",
"messaging-handler": "QuantConnect.Messaging.StreamingMessageHandler",
"history-provider": "QuantConnect.ToolBox.IEX.IEXDataQueueHandler",
"desktop-http-port": "1234",
"desktop-exe": "../../../UserInterface/bin/Release/QuantConnect.Views.exe"


I am not sure what is going wrong, anybody would have a pointer for me?

Thanks in advance for your help!