Hi guys,

Basically I am a new trader and would like just some understanding of how some of this works. I originally started in MT5 but found it too hard and moved to cAlgo but limitations of the software meant I didn't enjoy it much. A few questions I have:

1. Can you do partial closing in this on the backtest???? cAlgo didn't support partial closing and it put me off.

2. Can you do indicators of indicators??? This seem straight forward but I'm just making sure.

3. What is tolerance and how does it work???? What is the "m" at the for??? I understand its like slippage but I am just making sure.

4. Is there an optimization feature?

5. Is the following format for an order correct or is it some other way??

if condition than


else if reverse condition than


end if

thank you for answers and sorry if these are idiotic questions I'm new to this and not much of a coder just looking to backtest a few strategies.