I'm trying to get this basic piece of code to work in the Research environment but I gave up! I just need to play around with indicators for cryptos. I manage to get prices and so on, but when I try to create the indicator it returns an empty data frame. Any help please?

Thank you so much!!


# Set global parameters
startDate = datetime(2017,12,1)
endDate = datetime(2018,4,1)
resolution = Resolution.Hour

stockName = "ETHUSD"
eth = qb.AddCrypto(stockName)
df = qb.History(eth.Symbol, startDate, endDate, resolution)
df.reset_index(level = 0, drop = True, inplace = True)

# Bollinger Bands
bb = BollingerBands(10, 2)
bbdf = qb.Indicator(bb, stockName, startDate, endDate, resolution)