Hello, I've got LEAN running on my local machine and am exploring the features. However, I'm wondering about the best practices for management of the LEAN repo. Both config.json and algorithm files are located within the LEAN repo. I would like to separate the LEAN engine from any custom configurations and algorithms so that I can keep the LEAN repo clean and free of my own changes. This should make merging changes from LEAN development painless.

It looks likes I can edit the config.json to point to algorithms in different locations, so that should allow me to keep my algos in a separate repo. However, I still have in issue with the config file. Right now I'm just keeping different configs in different branches. But I think that I'd like the configs in the same repo as the algos. However, I'm open to other solutions.

How do YOU structure your repos to separate the LEAN engine from your own algos and custom configs? Is there a recommended best practice?