Hi everyone,

I'm used to coding in C but new to python. I would like to know where can I find the documentation for the endless amount of types and classes of this IDE... In the documentation section I don't find it anywhere. In the lab enviroment I found the classes but I can't find documentation for what they return as in the example below...


I'm trying a very simple thing: 

eurusd_test = qb.History("EURUSD",DateTime(2018,8,1,10,0,0),DateTime(2018,8,2,10,0,0),Resolution.Minute)

and accessing the data on eurusd_test... I get it's a 

QuantConnect.Util.MemoizingEnumerable`1[QuantConnect.Data.Market.TradeBar]but I can't get the information in it.Any place I can find all the classes and how should I access data for each one of them?