I see the ICHIMOKU method. How do I get the future value of Span A & Span B? Also how do I plot the future cloud on the graph? The graph only shows up to today.  Thank you in advance.

            IchimokuKinkoHyo _ichi;

            _ichi = ICHIMOKU(_mystock, 9, 26, 26, 52, 26, 26, Resolution.Daily);

            Chart ichiPlotter = new Chart("IchiPlotter");
            ichiPlotter.AddSeries(new Series("SpanA", SeriesType.Line, " ",Color.Pink));
            ichiPlotter.AddSeries(new Series("SpanB", SeriesType.Line, " ",Color.Orange));

            Plot("IchiPlotter","SpanA", _ichi.SenkouA);
            Plot("IchiPlotter","SpanB", _ichi.SenkouB);