I would like to know when I enter stop limit price, does it get add to the brokerage account or when limit price is met then submit to brokerage account. For example, I want to enter the trade buying 1000 stocks of BOOTwith buy limit of $25.99 with profit target for first 500 stocks to $29.55 and remaining 500 stocks to $31.50. I also want to add stop loss for 500 stocks to be $24 for 500 stocks and 23.50 for remaining $500 stocks. Do you have any example with profit target and stop limit examples in QuantConnect platform ? Second question,  Do quantconnect submit both profit target limit and stop loss limit price to broker ? My experience tells me that when I add stop loss , I feel like some algo looks for those stop loss , because in my experience most of time i get stopped out and then price move away up which tell me that when I add stop loss , broker submit to exchange directly  (I will be using IB account for my live trading). Please advise.