I am working with daily custom data and in general it works ok. The issue that I have is specifically the first day the algo was deployed.

For reference I declare the custom data in this way

self.AddData(CboeVixExternalData, "VIX", Resolution.Daily)

And I access this way:

last_vix = self.Securities['VIX'].Close


My guess according what I debuged is that, as the custom data is declared Daily, it is updated near 3 AM UTC. Now, if I deploy the algo after that moment, the custom data *is not* loaded. For example, if I deploy the strategy a few minutes before the market open, the custom data is empty, but next day, after ~ 3AM, the data is loaded properly.

The question is: is there any way to force or do something to have the custom data available the first day the algorithm was deployed? 

It is specially important in two cases: 1) when I work during the night to have an update ready for the other trading day; 2) When the algo crashed because of memory and I need to re-deploy immediatly.

I clarify that I wrote the example with VIX, just as an example, but I work with some other custom metrics.

Thanks for you help.