I am trying to get LEAN working "locally". (still have to ask IB support to turn on live data feed to IB paper account.)  I have setup everything in Visual Basics with IBController 3.4.0 and ibgateway-latest-standalone-windows-x64 version 973 (incorrect version I guess).  Configuration of config.json file has been completed and I have ran sample BasicTemplateAlgorithm.py, but I am getting following error shown below. Is there a way I can get a 968 version for Windows platform as I cannot find this anywhere on IB website or maybe if there is solution to get IBController to work with 973 version. Any direction would be very helpful. Thanks!!


 ================================================================================Starting IBController version 3.4.0 on Tue 10/23/2018 at 19:05:45.32Operating system:  Microsoft Windows 10 Pro  64-bit          10.0.17763 
Arguments:TWS version = 968
Entry point = ibcontroller.IBGatewayController
/TwsPath = C:\Jts
/IbcPath = C:\IBController
/IbcIni = C:\IBController\IBController.ini
/Mode = paper
/JavaPath =
/User = ***
/PW = ***
/FIXUser =
=========================== An error has occurred ============================= Error: TWS version 968 is not installed
       You must install the offline version of TWS/Gateway
       IBController does not work with the auto-updating TWS/Gateway