Hi Everyone, 

I am seeing unexpeted behaviors in a Forex Order excecution. I am placing a Market Order and a Stop Order. For some reason they both get excecuted at the same time. 

Instead of posting the full algorithm I have created a little dummy project where I scheduled the questionable order to illustrate the behavior. The algorith does the following: Place EURUSD Long Market Order @ 5:00 (price is 1.16156) and Stop Order @ 1.16. For some reason borth orders get excecuted at the same time. I have tried to plot all price data and I am not seeing any reason for the Stop Order to be filled (no blips and only ±45 minutes later the price drops to 1.16). Same behaviour when setting the stop loss to 1.157. Only when setting it to 1.15 the Stop Order is not filled. 

Can anyone help me understand what I am doing wrong here ?

Thanks a lot !