Stop Loss Not Executing

Hi Guys/Gals,

Totally new to quantconnect and using python.  I'm trying to set a stop loss after I enter into a position, but the stop loss order doesn't seem to be firing.  Any pointers?

Update Backtest

Your StopMarketOrder() has been submitted successfully but the order didn't fill. You can add OnOrderEvent() to check the order status

def OnOrderEvent(self, event):

As the sell order "StopMarketOrder()" didn't fill before you place the Liquidate() order to sell the holdings, your StopMarketOrder() is canceled and replaced by the Liquidate() sell order.

Please do not save the market price in Initialize() as it is only called once when the algorithm starts. The security price changes in OnData() in each time loop. You should retrieve the price in OnData() with "self.Securities["UPRO"].Price" to determine the stopPrice for the StopMarketOrder.


Update Backtest


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