I keep getting an error:

RSI is greater then 53
87 | 23:27:57: Runtime Error: TypeError : unindexable object at OnData in main.py:line 41
 TypeError : unindexable object     (Open Stacktrace)

I am not sure why this error is coming up. I tried a search on Google, but just can't figure this one out.

Here is the snippet of code that is causing the issues:

 ### Long Entry
        if self.rsi.Current.Value < 10 and self.Portfolio["GBPUSD"].Invested <= 0: 
            if data.QuoteBars["GBPUSD"].Close >= self.sma.Current.Value:
                self.MarketOrder("GBPUSD", 1000) ###The error happens on this line per backtest error###
                self.Debug("Market order was placed")
        if self.rsi.Current.Value > 53:
            self.Debug("RSI is greater then 53")