I could not attach a failing backtest to this post; so here it is.

Runtime Error: AttributeError : 'QCAlgorithmFramework' object has no attribute 'Consolidators'

This error shouldn't occur, as I create the Consolidators attribute on the algorithm well before any alphas are instantiated. Both `OnSecuritiesChanged` and `Update` have this issue. I even tried passing through a reference to the algorithm instance via the __init__ method of the alpha and the consolidators still aren't available. This issue has been plaguing me since the start (2 weeks ago) and I won't be able to develop this any further until it's solved.

The setup is such that my algo has a composite alpha model, and each alpha has a set of indicators tied to consolidated timeframes. Timeframe-specific insights will be generated inclusive of (relative to) higher timeframe insights.

Any help you can provide would be great.