I have tried to compile LEAN locally. If I leave the default configuration I do not have troubles in running the BasicAlgoriothm provided; then I do the following changes to the config.json inside QuantConnect.Lean.Launcher

  "algorithm-language": "FSharp", // was CSharp 

  "algorithm-location": "QuantConnect.Algo.FSharp.dll", // was "QuantConnect.Algorithm.CSharp.dll"


then I have a runtime exception complaining that QuantConnect.Algorithm.FSharp.dll is missing.


I have to add that I had neither intellisense nor colored keywords of the BasicTemplateAlgorithm.fs, as reported in the attached screenshot.


So I decided to create a new project QuantConnect.Algo.FSharp and copied the template in it; whicih is now coloured. The problem is the DLL is not created and teh launcher complains with a runtime exception about not finding the DLL. 


How can I create a DLL from my project? sorry for the very basic question, but I understand it has to do with .NET vs .NET core (but I might be wrong). Is there a quick fix?

Thanks a lot for your help and time