I followed the API and documentation and during my backtests I'm able to pull the data I desire (VIX historical file found on CBOE).  My code functions fine with the imported data during backtests and I verified that using logs and schedule functions.  

I'm using .Rest and If IsLiveMode: in my import class.  

Day 1 live I tried using .RemoteFile as this worked fine for the backtests.  Further drilldown into the documents suggested using .Rest for live projects so I swapped it. Now on the second day the imported data still doesn't seem to be working with my live project.  I read that in daily intervals the data will be imported on a 30-min basis.  My first schedule order happens within the first 30-min of the trading day, so could this be the potential problem? I just need to wait a little?

Its paramound to controlling and monitoring my assets which are assigned a risk based margin model.  Does anyone have any experience with importing data working for backtests but not for live trading? I would appreciate any insight.


Thank you,