Hello everybody!

My preliminary submission to the Alpha Market is almost ready. Unfortunately, there are some problems that should be addressed. In particular, I need to figure out how to ensure that my DelayedExecutionModel Execute function is firing every minute between 3 PM and 4 PM whenever there are portfolio targets that need to be met. As I understand it the Execute function might only fire when there are updates to the portfolio targets. I'm using the equal weighting portfolio construction model for now. My DelayedExecutionModel spreads out the insight order over time so large accounts can be catered to. Also, I want the algo to wait until the Insight is truly expired before selling, not sell early if a security has been removed from the dynamic universe. If you want to give me any pointers on those problems that would be great. If not, no problem, I'll keep working on it. Here's my preliminary algorithm description...

The Observer algorithm is an exercise in observation-based intelligence. It attempts to overcome the computational inefficiency of many machine learning techniques by focusing on observation of the data at hand. Many machine learning techniques are not computationally efficient as they repeatedly guess at an answer without any observation of the historical data. Many backtested algorithms are built in a similar fashion, a few observations might be made by the algo developer, a model is envisioned and coded, and then the algorithm is tweaked in the hopes of making it a profitable algorithm. The Observer algorithm makes many observations of the data through the use of the speed of the computer. It then searches for the best trades given the data at the present moment.


Here's some screenshots of the preliminary results.