Hello All!

Each week we release a weekly updates list to show the small, regular steps we've been making to make QuantConnect better. In a given week we fix dozens of smaller bugs and often release a major feature, hopefully we can showcase these updates here.

1. Move Lean data to /usa, /fxcm folders, preparing for international support.
2. Improve FX tick backtesting speed +10% (Thanks @StefanoRaggi)
3. Allow reading remote files each day in live trading (thanks @Gene)
4. Oanda brokerage implementation started (kudos @kaffeebrauer!)
5. Added support for "Warm Up" in backtest (In Lean open source project only, will be deployed soon)
6. Hourly, daily data added to the Lean repo for backtesting
7. Local Warm Up with historical data (Tradier, Interactive Brokers)

Bug Fixes & Tidy Up:
1. Tradier cash sync fix for when internet goes down
2. Improved brokerage error message handling
3. Standardize TradeBar date format across forex and equities
4. IDE fix to allow cloning backtest source from the result tab
5. IDE fix to support long names in user profiles
6. Added thread safety to rolling window (thanks @AnObfuscator!)
7. Custom data thread lock up fix

Things have been buzzing recently, thank you for all the pull requests and algorithm sharing!
Happy coding,