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for a number of months now i have been trying to find - develop a trading system that would allow me to trade in long options positions automated (opening long positions in calls in a symbol instead of a long position in shares and long positions in puts instead of short positions in shares). currently i'm making some of the trades by hand after i receive email alerts but it would be preferable to find a method to automate the entries and exits as this could allow me to trade a larger number of symbols simultaneously, and also evaluate some faster strategies i have developed that hold a lot of promise if i could find a method to trade them instantly. ¿does anyone know whether quantconnect could be modified to open and close long positions on options following email alerts? i have a number of strategies on tradestation and every time an uptrend or downtrend begins or ends the platform generates an email alert like the following:

the subject line reads:
TradeStation : Chart Analysis Alert for -company ticker- by -indicator- (inputs)

and this is the body of the email:
Thu 3/21/2019 11:13 PM
TradeStation : Chart Analysis Alert for -company ticker- by -indicator- (inputs)
Info: Price crossing over average
Source: -indicator(inputs)
Occurred: 22-Mar-19 01:13:42
Price: 00.00

i can change the text on the info line to anything i wanted to, for example: buy call, sell call, buy put, sell put, etc as appropriate. the ticker for the symbol that generated the alert is always included iin the emails texts so i think it should be possible to create an automated system that received these alerts and bought and sold options through interactive brokers' api. ¿does anyone think this could this be feasible? the symbol to be traded and the specific operation to be carried out (buy a call, sell all calls, buy a put, sell all puts) would be determined from the information on the email but the platform would need to calculate the strike price that would be traded from the current price plus or minus a number of points. the platform would also need to be able to know which calls or puts for a particular symbol i had in my account in order to sell them all when appropriate.


very well, i hope quantconnect lean could be used for these purposes, regards.