Hello All!

Each week we release a weekly updates list to show the small, regular steps we've been making to make QuantConnect better. In a given week we fix dozens of smaller bugs and often release a major feature, hopefully we can showcase these updates here.


1. Added F# and Visual Basic Support in the Web IDE! Build algorithms in other languages :)

2. Rewrote cloud compiler to give a 30% speed boost in compiling, 30% faster backtests.

3. Ichimoku Kinko Hyo Indicator (thanks @nii236!)

4. Added Java support to Lean open source (thanks @craig-stevenson!)

5. Updated data streaming to be 10% faster and use 100x less RAM (credit @StefanoRaggi)

Bug Fixes:

1. Fix EndOfDay event error (thanks @AnObfuscator!)

2. Rewrote internal data synchronization to be more reliable

3. Fix Quandl to show the end time (prevent look ahead bias on mixed resolution data)

4. Fix Tick value fields (Thanks @StefanoRaggi!)

Another awesome week with almost daily contributions to the open source project! Craig-Stevenson topped it off with a contribution to connect QuantConnect with Java! @kaffeebrauer is also hard at work on an Oanda implementation... keep burning the midnight oil!

Enjoy the new languages, happy coding!