Last September someone wanted to import custom data, and because of security restrictions, QuantConnect does not allow System.IO. I would like to revisit that restriction please.

I am writing an Alorithm for Abhi Goal, a fellow member, and he wants to read in some custom data upon which to base his trades. Call it a custom indicator. QC allows me to get data from an http:// call using WebClient and I would like to process the return data as a Stream. I would like to use StreamReader on the return from the call, but I could live with putting the returned csv data into a String and reading it into a MemoryStream and pass the MemoryStream to my parsing class. Streams are nice because I can grab a line at a time with one call.

I suppose could rewrite the parser to get the lines from the string variable, but that is painful what with having to parse for newlines and substring the result.


Nicholas Stein