I'm prepping to try working on some of the Lean issues in github.  I'm a Mac/Linux JVM guy, so I'm coming up the Win10/VisualStudio/.Net/C# learning curve.

I set up a brand new Win 10, 64 bit development machine.  Clean install.  Fully up-to-date.

I've followed all the tutorials for getting Lean set up in Visual Studio Community Edition 2019, got C# algo running, got Python algo running, installed the Visual Studio extension.

Before I create a feature branch and start making changes, I'd like to be able to run and pass all tests.

I have tried going to Test - Windows - Test Explorer.  The tests are discovered, but they are not run.

When I select an individual test, right-click on it and run it, the Error Message says "Test could not be run.  Check the Tests Output Pane for details."  The Tests Output pane says this:

" Warning] No test matches the given testcase filter `FullyQualifiedName=QuantConnect.Tests.RegressionTests.AlgorithmStatisticsRegression` in C:\Users\username\projects\Lean\Tests\bin\Debug\QuantConnect.Tests.dll"

Is there something that needs to be configured?  Is the only way to run tests by submitting a PR to the QuantConnect CI setup?

Any help would be appreciated.

Kind regards,