Hi   @Jack Simonson,  

love the platform.

In the latest bootcamp, indicators are used to create a selection criteria.

My question are:

- if I was to use different indicotrs, ones i have made my self (ie a neural network) would I need the lines 

for bar in history.itertuples():
self.fast.Update(bar.Index[1], bar.close)
self.slow.Update(bar.Index[1], bar.close)

def is_ready(self):
return self.slow.IsReady and self.fast.IsReady

def update(self, time, price):
self.fast.Update(time, price)
self.slow.Update(time, price)

if I was to create my own indicators do I need the above lines and if yes how is this possible to implement?


- If I wanted to update the universe weekly and have the algorithm trade hourly where in the code would i do this. I am not sure where the universe rebalances and the resolution of the trades made.

Sincere thanks in advance for your help! Im a still learning how to use the platform.

Many thanks,