Hi all,

Today we are going to explore the Precious Metals ETF universe! The components of this universe are viewable on GitHub, and we’ll be posting links to fundamental research in the comments below.

Most of the ETFs derive their value from physical gold, silver, and platinum, except for two which track precious metal mining companies. The universe contains both long and short products, so short exposure can be achieved through DUST and JDST. 

One thing that makes metals so uncorrelated with the US equities markets is their global footprint. Mining activities are distributed all around the world, as are consumers and governments that want to store precious metals. Since there are relatively few underlying assets being tracked throughout this universe, we are able to go through fundamental pricing factors commodity-by-commodity. Remember, these articles are only scratching the surface. Read through them for inspiration, test out the ideas in the research environment, and combine them as you see fit!