As you may have noticed, we rolled into November with a brand-new Alpha Streams development contest: the Liquid ETF Competition! We took community feedback from Alpha Five and created a single universe of high AUM ETFs that are uncorrelated with the broader market. The universe combines ETFs covering S&P 500 sectors, metals, volatility, energy, US treasury bonds, and technology.

To join, set the universe in your algorithm.


SetUniverseSelection(new LiquidETFUniverse())



We have also created helpers that group the ETFs by Sector:


var energy = LiquidETFUniverse.Energy; var metals = LiquidETFUniverse.Metals; var technology = LiquidETFUniverse.Technology; var treasuries = LiquidETFUniverse.Treasuries; var volatility = LiquidETFUniverse.Volatility; var sp500Sectors = LiquidETFUniverse.SP500Sectors;


energy = LiquidETFUniverse.Energy metals = LiquidETFUniverse.Metals technology = LiquidETFUniverse.Technology treasuries = LiquidETFUniverse.Treasuries volatility = LiquidETFUniverse.Volatility sp500Sectors = LiquidETFUniverse.SP500Sectors

and Direction (Long or Inverse ETFs):

// C# Example for Energy var energyLong = LiquidETFUniverse.Energy.Long; var energyInverse = LiquidETFUniverse.Energy.Inverse;# Python Example for Energy energyLong = LiquidETFUniverse.Energy.Long energyInverse = LiquidETFUniverse.Energy.Inverse

Please note that all those variables are list of Symbol object.

Alphas submitted must use the above universe. Read the rest of the acceptance criteria on the competition home page.

Submissions are open through December 20. Remember, only one submission is allowed per day. Good luck and happy coding!