Good morning,

I am trying to locally debug the simple, default algorithm in C#.  I am trying to get a debug point to hit on 

public override void OnData(Slice data)

in the BasicTemplateAlgorithm.cs class.

I followed the instructions here, entered my api information, installed the plugin, and able to submit/view backtests correctly, but the tutorial does not seem to address actually hitting a breakpoint.  In fact it even breaks on Debugger.Break() in DebuggerHelper.cs ,but not anywhere in BasicTemplateAlgorithm.cs

I then started trying to follow the youtube tutorials here, but I get  "System.NullReferenceException when setting "environment": "backtesting-desktop".

I saw some mention that equities are not supported and it looks like Views have been removed from the code.  So I wonder if the above video is outdated ?

Any advice is appreciated.  Again just trying to breakpoint on OnData().