HI Everyone,

I think something is wrong with the format of my numbers but i'm not sure. I tried changing my values to a decimal and that still doesn't work. My algorithm is supposed to by and sell when the difference between the AUDUSD and NZDUSD spreads goes negative. 

2019-10-20 18:00:00 :spreadDelta less than 0: -0.000140000000000029

You will see that it enters one trade because of the above condition(delta less than 0) 

Now it is supposed to liquidate when the delta is greater than 2.0. 

2019-10-20 19:00:00 :Is spreadDelta greater than 2?: 7.999999999996898e-052019-10-20 19:00:00 :Is spreadDelta greater than 2?: False

The delta is greater than 2 here, it is 7. Why doesn't my parameter recognize this?