When going thru Boot camp modules i approach it with essentially 2 steps.

1) first go thru the excersise within boot camp module. Usually I need to go no further.

2) when issues arrise that suggest that it may not be me ( IE: Boot camp solitution has failed),

   I locate boot camp within myprojects and run that module  to get a better look at what might be going on.

Within this particular lesson i have discovered the following :

The date ranges  in the solution  [ "self.SetStartDate( " 2019 , 1 , 7) and self.Set.EndDate(2019,4,7) ] do not provide enough of a range to run without an error. Six months is needed.  The last module of lesson " Preparing indicators with history",

I provided nearly 3 years of data and when running within myprojects it seems to work ok. When I run it in Boot camp the console complains " looks like indicators are not ready", Boot camp excersise failed.