Hey all!

Somewhat new to Quant Connect and was wondering if I could get a review or advice with a simple EMA 5, 20 (Minute, Intra-Day) cross over algorithm I've developed.

Advice moreso on the implementation itself and less on the strategy. A few particular things I wish to have feedback on:

1. Am I using the best practices for orders? I have read that for trading, limit orders are a must.

2. I am using the ATR indicator value to gauge my stop loss (2 x ATR below current) and take profits (1 x ATR above current). Anyone have anything thoughts on this? I thought it was better than having a fixed X amount of pips.

3.  I've made it so that my stop loss and take profit orders are in sync. I cancel the other when one order if filled. Is this the correct thinking?

Any other feedback is appreciated and applied when I get this to apply to multiple currency pairs.